Top 10 Trending Garden & House Flag for St. Patrick’s Day 2021

St Patrick’s Day occurs on 17 March which is one of the biggest holidays in a year as well as a symbol of luck, prosperity for all of the Irish.

Whether you are throwing a grand party, redecorating your home bar in an Irish theme, or simply spreading Irish cheer then clothes, signs, mugs, rugs, blankets ... are the St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas that will take your “wearing of the green” to a completely new level.

Furthermore, one of the most indispensable items in your holiday decoration collection is the flag. These are the top 10 best selling flags that cannot be ignored

1. Customized Irish By Blood American By Birth Patriot By Choice House Flag

Great design for people to show their patriotic fervor towards Irish blood and the United States – where they were born. Besides, the green background flag symbolizes St.Patrick’s Day and blessing for a happy and lucky independent day. The customized feature allows you to add your text for a unique design of your own.

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2. Personalized American Grown With Irish Root St Patrick Garden Flag

This is a special design that helps Irish Americans remember their origin featuring an old tree with the root attached to the three colors of the Irish flag and the top of the tree demonstrated the flag of the United States. The green background decorated with some shamrocks contributes to spreading the best wishes to everyone, especially on this memorable Patrick's Day. The customized feature allows you to add your text for a unique design of your own.

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3. Made In America With Irish Parts House And Garden Flag

With the emphasis on how important ST Patrick’s Day is to the whole of America in general and Irish in particular, the design for the flag is the shamrock with three distinctive colors (green, white, and orange) in the center along with the American flag as a curtain. This is an outstanding design for those having strong personalities, implying that there is always Irish blood in the American heart.

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4. Custom Text Irish pride House And Garden Flag

The flag was designed with a strong cross image combining the two symbols of the US and Irish flags to express the spirit of pride, gratitude, and patriotism of the Irish. The four corners of the flag were decorated with a row of green shamrocks representing good luck and good fortune on this special holiday. The customized feature allows you to add your text for a unique design of your own.

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5. Irish Green Hat House And Garden Flag

Inspired by leprechaun - an Irish character that has become the symbol of this religious and cultural holiday, the flag was designed with the illustration of the leprechaun's green hat as well as a familiar blessing. In addition, it was decorated around with images of shamrock and gold coins with the aim of wishing you a happy holiday, lots of luck, and fortune.

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6. Irish Beer House And Garden Flag

When it comes to parties celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, we can't help but mention the mugs full of beer and people wishing each other a happy St. Patrick's Day. This flag will evoke the exciting atmosphere of such parties with the design of two cups of beer and some lucky shamrocks.

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7. Happy St. Patrick’s Day House And Garden Flag

Here is a simple design with a greeting for everyone on this memorable holiday in the center and surrounded by the symbols of this Patrick's Day such as shamrocks, Leprachaun’s hats, jars of gold, mugs of beer ... All are placed on a green background accentuating this simple design and the characteristic of this holiday.

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8. Lucky Clover Boot House And Garden Flag

This flag was inspired by those two figures that are both characteristic and lucky symbols of Patrick's Day - Shamrock and Leprechaun’s boot. Placing the two green symbols and wishes on a white background accentuates the significance of St.Patrick's Day and spreads the blessing to you and your dear family a happy holiday.

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9. Pot Of Gold House And Garden Flag

The brightly colored flag with the image of a jar of gold and clover represents the best wishes for Patrick's Day of luck and fortune. Besides, ribbons represent the vibrant atmosphere of this important holiday party. This simple bright design will highlight your home while spreading a positive and energetic blessing to everyone.

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10. Customize Pot of Gold St Patrick's Day House Flag

Inspired by separate symbols such as a Leprechaun, a mug of beer, a lucky coin, a simple wish, all have created a flag that could not be more perfect and meaningful on this Patrick's Day.

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